So early intervention can begin as soon as possible.

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You’ll be amazed at what babies are learning long before they start talking.

Autism Navigator is teaming up with FIRST WORDS® Project to improve early detection of autism.

How can a parent know what to expect?

16 by 16 Lookbooks

Flip through photos of the gestures and actions with objects children are learning each month from 9 to 16 months.

Social Communication Milestones

Select your child’s age. Read, print, download, and share our milestones.

Social Communication Growth Charts

Explore hundreds of videos of children 7 to 24 months. Chart your child’s growth. Find out how you can join for free.

Screen My Child

For parents of children 9-18 months, be part of our research. Screen your child by answering questions online.

Why Autism Navigator Now?

Watch video clips of two of our families to see how early detection of autism and early intervention “changed the course of history” for their child.

Early diagnosis and intervention has a lifetime impact for children with autism and their families.

Now families can hit the ground running as soon as they suspect their young child has autism or a social communication delay. It puts in the hands of families hundreds of videos of evidence-based strategies they can use in everyday activities to support their child’s learning.